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USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus
  • USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus, фото 2
  • USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus, фото 3
  • USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus, фото 4
  • USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus, фото 5

USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus

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1 700 Тг.

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Do More with your Phone

Your smartphone allows you to do so many of the things that are important to you: talk to your clients, chat with your friends, communicate with your family, check your e-mails, share on social media, get some work done, listen to music, and play the games that let you relax your mind and have some fun. So, why isn’t your regular phone’s cable helping you? Introducing the USAMS Holder Functional Charging and Data Cable, a smartly designed multifunctional 4-in-1 iPhone cable that lets you do more with your phone—as easily and comfortably as you want to.

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A Cable that you Can Hold on To

Because the safety of your phone is really important to you, we created the USAMS to also work as a phone holder that’s both strong and flexible.

As you use this unique cable for fast charging and data transmitting, you can bend it in the direction you prefer or make it a holder to stabilize your cell phone, keeping it steady and tightly secured.

10000 Times Tested Durability

Adopted the thickened TPE cutout design, the USAMS is extremely durable and strong, having the cables inside safely protected.

Fast Charging and Speed Transferring

As a phone charging and data cable, the USAMS allows for a smart and fast charging experience, as much as it offers you the chance of enjoying a quick and stable data transferring usage.

Made with bolded copper cable core, this cable supports a 2A current with an improved charging efficiency of 30%, when compared with other cables on the market.

Type, Play, Create

Given that your phone is actually a working and gaming station for your busy days and for your times of leisure, we thought that you’d like to have an incorporated digital stylus that makes your use of your phone more precise and comfortable when you need it. That’s why the USAMS also works as a digital pen: with an Electrically Conductive Silicone Cover on the tip of the cable, you can use it as a digital stylus to write an e-mail, take notes, draw or play games as easy as it should be.

For a Lightning Connector World

If you have an IOS 9/10/11 or other IOS system, or any other device with a lightning connector, then the USAMS Holder Functional Charging and Data Cable is perfect for you. Compatible with IOS systems and lightning connector devices, this amazing and flexible cable quickly upgrades data in synchronization with IOS systems.

Flexible & Convenient

Either side of the cable’s USB connector can be inserted to charge your phone and transfer data, the USAMS Cable is designed for an easy connection to a charger, computer or a power bank, with better plug in and out experience.

Premium Materials for a Premium Performance

The shell is made from aluminum alloy to protects the cable’s inner structure, and the scrubbing design is oxidation-resistant, stable and endurable—for the long life you need it to have.

Smart Chip Ensures Safety 

Also, with a built-in smart chip, the USAMS Cable filters out dangerous current, voltage and data to protect your cell phone.

Matching Your Taste

Your cell phone reflects your style and taste, and so should its accompanying cable. That’s why we’re making the USAMS to you in three different colors: Black, Silver and Red.


Brand: USAMS 

Name: Holder Functional Charging and Data Cable 

Model: US-SJ198 

Texture: TPE 

Current: 2A 

Cable length: 12 cm 

Accessories: electric silicone cap/pen holder cap 

Colors: Black/Silver/Red 

Compatible devices: Devices with lightning connector

Development of USAMS 

  • Цена: 1 700 Тг.
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USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital StylusUSAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus
В наличии
1 700 Тг.
  • +77017333139
  • +77760896888